Real Nightmares


I open my eyes, and all I see is the darkness that envelopes me. I hear the voices of monsters which I thought only existed in my dreams.

“Here, slowly walk. This is a bumpy road of rocks, then a patch of grass.  Don’t move an inch or you’ll fall.” A soft calming voice guides me as I make my way to the destination. I knew not what was in stored for me, yet I followed willingly.

As I stood still, the voices grew in number. Laughing at me. I would have to be strong. Stronger than what I already am, if I want to prove my worth.

They continued to lead me to a chair and instructed me to eat. After which, a multiple tasks were issued to test my creativity, confidence and determination. I thought I did rather well, despite my handicap. Sadly, I spoke too soon.

One word. Vomit. After that event, I lost control over my thoughts and actions. The voices kept getting harsher, one word sent shivers down my spine. My hand trembled as some voices tried to calm me down. Despite the damage done to me, I continued to finish what I have started, but I lost respect and trust towards the voices which promised that no harm would ever come to me. In the end, I think I wasn’t able to prove anything, except that I had lost my identity.

I was at the brink of eternal depression when I finally opened my eyes and saw the light. The light from the sun which showed the faces of the voices I heard. Their faces full of smiles. I only saw angels, but their voices proved them to be monsters wearing a thick mask.

As I begin to socialize with them, I once again hear their voices, sweet, caring and comforting, but these voices do not overpower what I had heard before. Harsh, brute and demanding.

Now, as I close my eyes to sleep, I hear the voices again. But now I know they are not only nightmares, but they exist in the world I live in.


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    • Thank you very much for that comment. Today, I read it again and it did appear fiction-like, but honestly it happened. So, I don’t know if I want to relive those experiences, to be able to write a story based on that experience. Nonetheless, the whole experience was exciting and life-changing. 😀

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