Cheers to Summer!


It’s April here in my country, and finally, it is summer break! Well, only for those who don’t have summer classes. Don’t get mistaken, I’m not attending summer classes because I’m failing, but because I want to. You may be wondering, what the heck is she thinking? Going to school during the vacation?

Well I have three reasons for going to school, and here’s why.

1. I want to be more productive. Every summer for my past 16 years of living, I have been unproductive. I have joined workshops and other summer activities like piano, swimming and cooking, but after a few weeks its over, and I realize I still have a lot of time in my hands. I guess I don’t want to waste my time in front of the television and computer all my life. (After writing these, I am shocked! I never imagined myself thinking like this, ever. I have always been a lazy type of kid.)

2. I do need to take the summer classes offered this summer or else, I might not be able to graduate on time. I AM a college student, I do want to graduate ON time, so sacrifice a weekend on the beach for a brighter future ahead.

3. Lastly, the most important? reason of all. I need money, and what is school without allowance. I know its a shallow reason, but I’ll be honest with you. I need money. How can I afford to go to High school meet-ups without some cash. My teaching piano lessons to my brother is not enough for those outings, so *poof* summer class= instant cash. But I guess this is just until I graduate.

These reasons totally outweigh the events I am going to miss this summer, which are:

1. A real summer job at a summer camp. Though the camp offers part timers, which worked with my schedule, there might be other endeavors which are still unplanned, and I do not want to do something which I can’t give my whole devotion too. I also need to focus on my academics.

2. Trips to the beach and abroad. I really want to go have fun, but studies first. Judge me! I’m a nerd and proud of it (I think?)

3. Outings with my friends. No, wait. They chose school over vacation too. Guess college changes a lot of attitudes.

And that’s it. You might think I’m one of the most stupid people in the world for going to school in the summer, but I’m not. I’m looking forward to a productive and enjoyable summer with my teachers peers and books. Cheers to the start of the many best summers to come.


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