Spotting New Meat


It sunk in. Yes it has. I saw them this morning with their bigger-than-their-body backpacks and shy grins on their faces. I am no longer the baby of the campus. I am no longer a freshman, and they are.

Some upperclassmen, not that I have seen or experienced before, like to bully cute little freshmen. So, I’ve devised this little list to help those future freshmen out there. This is how we, rather I as an upperclassman, identify freshmen or as how we call them, “freshies”.

Signs one is a freshman in college: (at least what I think applies here in my university)

1. If the university has no uniforms, they are wearing neat and proper clothes. If the university has, they usually have cleaner uniforms.

example: long pants, collared shirts, rubber shoes, shiny black shoes

2. They carry large  and bigger than their body backpacks. When you ask them for something, they have it.

example: Ask for a yellow pad, they have it. Ask for scissors they have it. Literally, a walking, talking , breathing mall.

3. They carry a long clear envelope of their files like class cards, forms. (A/N: I don’t understand why they’re so proud to show it off.)

4. Parents accompany them everywhere from orientations to meeting professors, enrollment. Everywhere. And usually, it is not just one parent, but the whole family, even the little baby.

5. They often have a map of the campus, and asks for directions when they get lost. Upperclassmen find this as a great opportunity to “help” them.

P.S. Freshies, welcome to the world known as the rest of your life. And please, you got into university with a brain, use it with great and wise judgement.

Again Welcome!


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