What Happens in a Reunion?

I like reunions, no matter what kind it is ( though I have only been to two kinds, high school and family). But sadly, my image of high school reunion shattered when my professor shared his opinion regarding the matter.

A few days before, during a lecture, somebody brought up the topic of high school. My professor then said he is not at all excited in seeing his high school friends because all they do is “talk about the good old day” and “talk about the crap they are doing with their lives“.

Today, I went out with some of my high school friends and realized my professor was right. We talked for hours about our elementary years (yes, not even high school), debating upon whether who were classmates and who weren’t. We talked about college and all the failures and hardships we have faced upon getting there. Despite the pointless topics raised in the conversation, it was fun.

The point of a reunion is to catch up with each others lives, reconnect old relationships and improve old ones. Even if the days we and our old friends spend together are gone, new memories are added because of a single day/ a few hours. We laugh at our old mistakes- the ones we never had the guts to face head on.  Yes, we laugh until the late hours of the night.

I like reunions, even if all we do is remember. 

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