Super heroines

In line with the gender awareness seminar I attended and the Spiderman movie that is showing in theaters (I have not watched it yet), I realized one thing when my mind began to daydream sometime during the 4 hour session. Iron = Fe          (periodic table) +   Man= male       … Continue reading Super heroines

Unpredictability of the Real World

Every single day of our life, we spend a fixed amount of our time for travelling. Even if we do not wish to, it is something we can not avoid.  Especially, now that I am a college student, I take the public transportation to go to and from school. It is truly amazing to see the different … Continue reading Unpredictability of the Real World


I recently have been answering people's questions with either one of these phrases:a. It's complicated.b. There is a time for everything.I guess this is what college life has taught me for the past year. Life is complicated. If it's not complicated, then it isn't life.