Unpredictability of the Real World


Every single day of our life, we spend a fixed amount of our time for travelling. Even if we do not wish to, it is something we can not avoid.  Especially, now that I am a college student, I take the public transportation to go to and from school. It is truly amazing to see the different stories within the four corners of public transportation. Here some of the strangest things I have experienced while commuting.

1. A woman breastfeeding her child. Not too long ago, my professor had us debate upon the idea of mothers breastfeeding in public. Then, I thought it was alright and natural, when I saw it in action, it made me rethink my earlier judgement. I am quite sensitive regarding the topic of children, especially babies. Many time did I see mothers carrying their children, who are only wearing a diaper and an undershirt. Our country is very much polluted, so I really feel bad for the children commuting.

2. People who do not pay the fares. I have seen this so many times. They just get on, and leave at the terminal. I feel bad for those who work jobs to pay for all kinds of fees. Where is the justice/ equality really?

3. A man gives his seat up for an old lady. Its not really weird, but rather surprising. I am sorry to say, but I truly thought chivalry was dead. At least now I know it is still existent. After all, it is no longer taught in schools. I just hope, when I am old, with a cane at hand, somebody would be willing to give up their seat for me.


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