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Day of Epic Proportions (Finale)


Today was the last day of the college entrance review program our organization organized, and it was the MOST fun ever.

The first part of the day was a post-test. We administered a test among the students to gauge how much they have learned and how well prepared they could be for the college entrance tests. The test papers were not printed on time, thus the students all had a lot of free time every after each subtest. So, I had to entertain them.

One student asked what is love? Of course, I told them I do not know.  They really got excited when the topic was about love.. >_< Kids, these days….

After checking some papers, I had to check their essays. Some were good, average, but some were quite poor. One paper stood out, and it compared education to a video game. I mean it is a very unique answer to write for a college entrance test.

After the test was done, and the checking as well, we asked the students to create a team cheer. Everyone was so excited, but a group of students did not want to join the festivities. I, along with a friend, accompanied them for a while, trying to make them join in. In the, end, they stood their ground. It was still fun getting to know that group of students.

After that, the CEO came to the room and was quite serious. She told us to get the students to fall in line immediately because they were            the last ones who were not in line. I was scared, and the students noticed that as well.

During the closing program, the students chanted the lecturer they wished to show the talent. Often, it was the CEO (the one who was favored by all). I thought nobody remembered me, but there were a number of time when they chanted my name, but would soon be forgotten. Even though my name soon faded, I am still very happy that I was remembered. Even for a short while.

After taking too much pictures, we all went home amidst the heavy rain.

It was another epic day, too bad it had to end. The chapter opened a few weeks ago, and now it is closed, but I’m sure another one will open soon. (Not know though, I’m tired and busy with school work -still a student remember?)

The whole teaching experience was enlightening. I got to meet a lot of different people, and I got to meet a different side of me as well. I loved every moment of the experience, good and bad. The passion to teach is once again ignited.

P.S. I almost cried today. Key word: Almost.

Day of Epic Proportions (cont.)


Well as the title suggests, today was the continuation of an epic day. Unlike the other day, today was a lot different.

My day began at around 5:00 am, and when I woke up, there was heavy rain. Not just a downpour, but also strong winds. I contemplated for quite a while whether to go to the review class I was going to teach. In the end, i waited for the rain to stop and went to the school, where I was supposed to teach. What subject you may ask? GEOMETRY!

Remember the last time I taught two weeks ago? Yeah, the learning experience of my life? (just a recap, I taught English then, and was a failure.) Now, I came back teaching Math! The worst subject of my life. The night before, I read some books about it, and this morning, I taught. It was FUN. Yes, I had such fun teaching Mathematics.

The students were quite responsive, and that really made me smile. Some students were teasing me with my colleague, and that made me more comfortable in teaching and relating to them. I knew I still had some faults, when there were times I still lacked knowledge on certain items, had made mistakes quite a few times, but I knew it was so much better than last time.

So, that was what happened in the morning session of the review classes. The afternoon was a whole different story.

There was no more geometry lessons left to be taught, so I just watched and observed my colleagues’ ways of teaching. There was one guy, a co-teacher, who had a number of students having a crush on him. He was so stressed when teaching the class because not only did they have no background of Trigonometry, but also they were very distracted. It took him 2 hours to finish what needed to be taught. Alone. That was for the first class.

The second class was much more noisy than the first one. One girl blushed so hard, when my friend just entered the room. She was so distracted, and the friends also kept on teasing her. I’m sure they learned only a few things. After about an hour, my friend take over his spot. ME? teach Trigonometry?! I forgot everything about that already! But I had to do it, he was dead tired. I tried my best, but had some faulty explanations, but during those times, my friend covered for me. I think I did rather well, for someone who had a blank memory of all those things.

It was really a learning experience once again, but this time it was so much FUN. I now begin to understand why a teacher is also a student. It filled me with great joy, when I hear them say thank you, say they understood it, or even just hear crazy ideas from them. It was and I hope it would always be amazing.

Day of Epic Proportions


Before anything else, I would like to apologize to the reader of this, for it would be a very “journal-type” of post. This would have details about my day because, as the title says, it was a day of epic proportions. Also, I think it is going to be long, so pardon me. But still have fun!

Today, my day began 5:45 am, despite it being a weekend. I was going to teach in a public high school for a college entrance test review. I left the house with everyone asleep, and reached the rendezvous point at around 7 am because that was what was agreed upon. By 9: 30am we were sorted to the rooms which we would be teaching.

Before entering college, I panic when talking in front of large crowds. I feel my hands lose heat, and cold sweat sliding down my back, but now, I do not feel that nervous. Yes, I can’t deny the fact that I am still nervous, but now, I no longer have to jump up and down or run around to get rid of the nervousness.

My session began at around 2:00 pm, so I had time to review the modules. I had no chance at all to see what I was going to teach, but I had to try. I read as fast as I can and reviewed each lesson. When I stood in front, without the nervousness, I blanked out.

I could not explain every word. I really had a hard time getting the attention of the students, and my examples were…. *insert explosion here*. In the middle of the session, I gave up. The CEO of the organization I was a member of and who hosted the review program observed me during this time. She joined in the discussion (though I don’t think that is the accurate word for what happened), and soon she was teaching the class.

I wanted to redeem myself. That is just my style. So, I tried to do so by picking an easier topic and taught it to the class. The CEO said I had redeemed myself, but I don’t think I have.

She told me to take a rest while she taught the other class the topic I failed at. She wanted to do it. I knew that, but I couldn’t just let it go. I really wanted to show her that I can given the time and practice. After all, it was my first real teaching “gig”. AND I was completely unprepared.

I think I did better with the second class. For one, they seemed really passive with the lesson, and I was prepared. I gave clearer examples, and there was much more flow. Why? Because the CEO tutored me. I knew she was disappointed.

The last class was the most devastating, disappointing, etc. class of all. The CEO had already taught all of the classes in the morning, and she was amazing. Everybody enjoyed her. When I taught, I had to live up to something I never reached. Then, I began to panic again, losing my “skill” I had in the second class. After my topic, the CEO jumped in and the class was all very excited. I felt really sad. Yes. That is the only word that describes that feeling.

The tutorial ended at around 6:00 pm.

While going home, I was debating with myself, whether I will go to a high school friend’s surprise party for us. Yes, he just requested we go to a place, and a surprise would be waiting for us.

I was commuting when I thought, “What the heck? Maybe it can cheer me up.”

I made the right decision. At the place, a high school friend, who moved abroad, was staying here for good again. He surprised me by grabbing my ankles when I sat down the chair. My reaction was very passive, and my friends did not expect that at all. I mean I was really stressed when I reached the location, so I don’t think I had the energy left to actually have a funnier reactions. Though the reactions of the other people made me laugh. A LOT.

We ate, chatted, drank ( tea), sang karaoke. It was fun. My friends saw a different side of me. I was always quiet and shy, but today, I just didn’t care. I sang my heart out, even if I had sore throat. We played cards, and drank tea, which we thought was spiked because we somehow became crazy after that. Just kidding! We are all good little boys and girls. (honestly).

Now, I feel a little bit lighter, but there is still a burden in my heart. It makes me wonder whether being a teacher is the right profession for me. Though singing things out eases the burden, but after all the fun and laughter, a dark shadow still resides in your heart.