Day of Epic Proportions (Finale)


Today was the last day of the college entrance review program our organization organized, and it was the MOST fun ever.

The first part of the day was a post-test. We administered a test among the students to gauge how much they have learned and how well prepared they could be for the college entrance tests. The test papers were not printed on time, thus the students all had a lot of free time every after each subtest. So, I had to entertain them.

One student asked what is love? Of course, I told them I do not know.  They really got excited when the topic was about love.. >_< Kids, these days….

After checking some papers, I had to check their essays. Some were good, average, but some were quite poor. One paper stood out, and it compared education to a video game. I mean it is a very unique answer to write for a college entrance test.

After the test was done, and the checking as well, we asked the students to create a team cheer. Everyone was so excited, but a group of students did not want to join the festivities. I, along with a friend, accompanied them for a while, trying to make them join in. In the, end, they stood their ground. It was still fun getting to know that group of students.

After that, the CEO came to the room and was quite serious. She told us to get the students to fall in line immediately because they were            the last ones who were not in line. I was scared, and the students noticed that as well.

During the closing program, the students chanted the lecturer they wished to show the talent. Often, it was the CEO (the one who was favored by all). I thought nobody remembered me, but there were a number of time when they chanted my name, but would soon be forgotten. Even though my name soon faded, I am still very happy that I was remembered. Even for a short while.

After taking too much pictures, we all went home amidst the heavy rain.

It was another epic day, too bad it had to end. The chapter opened a few weeks ago, and now it is closed, but I’m sure another one will open soon. (Not know though, I’m tired and busy with school work -still a student remember?)

The whole teaching experience was enlightening. I got to meet a lot of different people, and I got to meet a different side of me as well. I loved every moment of the experience, good and bad. The passion to teach is once again ignited.

P.S. I almost cried today. Key word: Almost.


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