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Stress Reliever


As my previous post stated, I have been under a lot of stress. 4 days of sleepless nights. But everything magically disappeared today. Yes, magic.

This morning, we went to a public school to administer a test to grade 2 students. While I was walking around the room to check whether the students were able to follow my instructions, one student called me, “teacher, teacher.” that line was so cute, my face could not contain the smile. She said, “teacher, you are very pretty.”

I was shocked. I was never described as pretty, therefore, I did not know how to react. I just said thank you with a bright smile.

When I left her place, the student sitting behind her also called me and said, “teacher, you are so cute.”

Twice in one day? With just those words, four days of stress just went down the drain. It was magic.

At around 4 pm, I went to the talent show of our applicants in the organization, and it was awesome. I saw so much talent in all of them. I screamed in support of my buddy. I clapped, cheered, played games like I had nothing else to do, which, of course, is not the case. I had so much fun. But one thing that made me really enjoy the night was the dancing. I loved all of the dance performances, and how I wish to be able to dance like them.

I was once a dancer. It was along time ago, around kindergarten and early grade school. I really liked performing, and when I was not yet too busy with school work, I would lock all of the doors in the room, and dance in front of the mirror as a form of exercise. I enjoyed dancing in front of our mirror which was 10 feet high, just like a dance studio with wooden floors. Sadly, I no longer have the confidence and the time to dance once again, but if given a chance, I would want to dance again. A while ago, I desperately tried to follow the performers dance moves, while making a fool out of myself. BUT it was FUN. I missed that feeling terribly.

Four sleepless nights. One day to drain it all away, and it was worth working hard for. Now, right at this moment, I would be getting back to work.


tweet tweet


Today, I made a twitter account, which I still do not know the purpose of. Therefore, I edited some works, so that my friends would be able to read this blog without wondering who the people I am talking about are. Anyway, I still hope you would be able to enjoy this blog. I am really busy these days, and would not be able to update soon. Anyway. Until next week. By then, maybe, just maybe I would not be so busy anymore. Wish me luck >_<

Will I Ever See you Smile at Me


Will I Ever See you Smile at Me

I am always waiting for that day,

The day when you will stop and look at me.

Everyday I try to please you.

Everyday I try to talk to you.

But all you do is look away.

You gaze into someone else’s eyes.

You follow every step she takes.

Look at me and not her.

But because I want you to look at me,

I’ll tell you a secret.

She does not like you that way.

Her eyes look somewhere farther away.

Alas, I know you already knew that.

You knew the moment you began your pursuit.

So why?

Why do you waste your time on her?

And why do I waste my time on you?

Happiness Overload


Hello world! Today is officially the first day of September and the ‘ber’ months begin. I am having such a positive outlook for the whole month of September though I know now that my schedule is packed.

This September I am going on a field trip with my Geography class. In my Special Education class, we are going to assess some children. Today was the first day I get to meet them, and they were just really sweet. The person in chanrge told us not to hug them. I don’t know if I could resist. In my educational technology class, we would have a community immersion. The community immersion would ask us to teach teachers. Yes! the students studying how to be teachers would be teaching teachers. ­čÖé I also ┬áhave two reports to give by the end of month. Not to mention the organization work, since we would soon be celebrating our anniversary week in November.

It is indeed going to be a busy month. Hope we all make it through.

Also yesterday, I met an old friend. (P.S. I confessed when I was in high school about liking him. I would elaborate next time.) I was shopping for supplies when I met him. We exchanged greetings, and I found out he was going to go home. I was waiting for my mom because she was going to fetch me. He waited with me until my mom came, even though I told him to leave first. The funny thing was we met an upperclassman of ours. She knew the both of us. We were together when she saw us. She also said hi, but left immediately. I don’t know what she was thinking when she saw us….Anyway, I am still glad that I met him, and he even stayed with me. I┬áremember┬áhim saying something that made me extremely happy, but I now forgot….

Anyway… Good luck to all of us this September! A little more until the end of the year.