Stress Reliever


As my previous post stated, I have been under a lot of stress. 4 days of sleepless nights. But everything magically disappeared today. Yes, magic.

This morning, we went to a public school to administer a test to grade 2 students. While I was walking around the room to check whether the students were able to follow my instructions, one student called me, “teacher, teacher.” that line was so cute, my face could not contain the smile. She said, “teacher, you are very pretty.”

I was shocked. I was never described as pretty, therefore, I did not know how to react. I just said thank you with a bright smile.

When I left her place, the student sitting behind her also called me and said, “teacher, you are so cute.”

Twice in one day? With just those words, four days of stress just went down the drain. It was magic.

At around 4 pm, I went to the talent show of our applicants in the organization, and it was awesome. I saw so much talent in all of them. I screamed in support of my buddy. I clapped, cheered, played games like I had nothing else to do, which, of course, is not the case. I had so much fun. But one thing that made me really enjoy the night was the dancing. I loved all of the dance performances, and how I wish to be able to dance like them.

I was once a dancer. It was along time ago, around kindergarten and early grade school. I really liked performing, and when I was not yet too busy with school work, I would lock all of the doors in the room, and dance in front of the mirror as a form of exercise. I enjoyed dancing in front of our mirror which was 10 feet high, just like a dance studio with wooden floors. Sadly, I no longer have the confidence and the time to dance once again, but if given a chance, I would want to dance again. A while ago, I desperately tried to follow the performers dance moves, while making a fool out of myself. BUT it was FUN. I missed that feeling terribly.

Four sleepless nights. One day to drain it all away, and it was worth working hard for. Now, right at this moment, I would be getting back to work.



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