On: Long Hiatus


Good day to all of the people who read this,

First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating. It has been a hectic month, with deadline after deadline. I was surprised that my last post was exactly one month ago September 17. Anyway, with requirements all done today, the semester is finally over. It just means that I am currently in the agony of waiting for my grades. By the time I get them, the new semester is about to begin. *Sigh* What am I going to do? That is the life of a college student.

Anyway, instead of looking ahead too much, I’ll just look forward to the semestral break. I already have 3 weeks planned. I mean, it was my motivation to finish all of my requirements. So here is the things I would be doing….soon… I really hope I get to…

Semestral Break Bucket List

[] Read and finish Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan– I began reading the day before my final exam. I passed that exam with flying colors :)) P.S. The book is AWESOME!!

[] Watch Perks of Being a Wallflower– I put it off until this week, but sadly, it’s not showing in the cinemas anymore, so I would just be waiting for the cd or dvd version of the movie. I really can’t wait.

[] Go to Canton, China– On October 22, I would be going to China with my dad, though I have to work for the plane tickets when I get back, and it’s not for leisure. I am going there for business purposes. Still a trip abroad is not bad.

[] Go to Bicol, Philippines– On October 30, I would be going to the PHilippines, but this time its for fun!

[] Practice the guitar- the guitar has already been kept in its proper case, touched by millions of dust and untouched by human hands. Better practice my skills soon.

[] Read more books– I already have a lot lined up like The Kane Chronicles (3 books) by Rick Riordan, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery, The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene and Sophie’s World by John Gaarder. So many books so little time. I wonder how many will I actually get to finish? Hmmm….

[] Sleep longer- The past month has been so stressful that I slept at around 1 am being the earliest. I need to catch up on some zzzzss….
***nothing follows for now****

That’s about it. This weekend I am wondering whether I should join the sleepover of my organization. A lot has happened regarding the matter of my organization the past month. I do not know how to explain it.

Anyway, will report to you soon how my bucket list would be completed, or if any would be checked out. I would also be telling you a cautionary tale soon. This weekend most likely. Enjoy you days as well! Ciao 😀


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