The First Day was Thrusday


Today is the second day of class, and for the past two nights that I came home from school, my rife was always bumped by another vehicle. Is this a sign telling me to go home early?

But anyway, it has finally sunk in that vacation is officially over. Most of my professors are alright, and I will enjoy most of my classes except one: English 30: English for the Professions.

Despite my semester filled with majors, I still took this class for fun because I wanted to learn how to write business letters, resumes etc. But this afternoon, I met my professors. The first thing she told the class is, “If I see you again in my class the next meeting, I commend you for being brave.” And with that one line I immediately took my pen and notebook, and jotted everything she said. Nonetheless, I still look forward to my class with her. She is one of the best professors in the comparative literature department.

As the classes began, I talked to my friends about what had happened over my break. You, being my friends as well, should also know what had happened to me.

1. My trip to China was tiring, but fun. I enjoyed looking at new products, though we had to walk so much. We walked and walked and walked. It has dawned to me that I really need to practice my Chinese again. Of course, the food was amazing. Did I mention I gained weight? :))

2. My trip to Bicol, Philippines was an adventure. We climbed mountains, rode all-terrain vehicles, saw the remains of volcanic eruptions, took a bath in the falls and so much more. I was very scared while I climbed up the mountain because there were no paths, just rocks. It was also my first time driving an atv. It was really hard driving over the river and the rocks from the volcanic eruption.

I stayed in china for 5 days, and in Bicol for 4 days. With that, my vacation was over. I had to work as a registration assistant in my college for  3 days, which was very tiring. I had to run approximately 3 km a day because that was the job assigned to me.

Despite the busy scedule I had, I was able to finish reading Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan (which was AWESOME), The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene, The Kane Chronicles book 1 by Rick Riordan and the first Chapter of Sherlock Holmes. Though upon doing so, I was unable to sleep longer. I also missed 2 movies that I was extremely looking forward to watching.

Now that November is quickly passing, I am extremely looking forward to my 18th birthday!
Good bye for now, and more stories soon. *\(>_<)/*


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