Saying Yes to the Future


A few montgs ago, I became an official registration assistant. The RA head graduated and chose her succesor. Now, this succesor would also graduate after a year. Thus, he approached me, asking if I would want to be the next RA head. Of course, I have to train for one year. Immediately, I said yes.

But, that was not the only responsibility I said yes to. Yesterday, I said yes to run as vice chairperson of the student council. My friend, who wanted to run for president, kept on asking me, and I finally said yes. I would still be deliberated, which I think is scary by the way. I am just extremely worried for my academics now because I said yes to these.

But, I did not say yes to all. After all, it would be impossible. I already gave up on a higher position in my organization. I just keep on getting hurt while staying there. I needed to.find another venue.

Also, I realized that I could not have both of the positions. RA and vice-chair. It is die to the conflict in scheduling. I would soon have to decide which I would prefer. The difficult thing about this is that nothing is ever really certain. I am not sure that I would get any of those positions. Nonetheless, it is not my problem for now, but rather the future me. I just hope she would have gained better experiences to be able to male a wiser decision.


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