What’s Done is Done and the Best is yet to Come


I wanted to write a something on new year’s day or new year’s eve, but somehow I got caught up with all the celebration. Nonetheless, I still wanted to write about the new year, so here it goes.

Last 2012 was one of the best years of my life. Other bests include the year 2008, where I went to China to study for two whole months, and 2011- the year I found my best friends and the year I passed all my college entrance exams. The biggest milestones that had for 2012 were:

1. I became a member of an organization- You must be thinking, ” She’s gone nuts. She rants about the misery her organization brings her, yet she is still happy?” I think the happiness and relationships I gained throughout my stay, inevitably, out weighs the problems and stress it brought me. Through the organization, I was able to find a best friend.

2. I accompanied my dad to China for the trade show. In those days, I swear, I felt like a real professional.

3. I was scouted to be a vice-chairperson of the college. This is the big break I was waiting for my whole life (or the life that has already been passed anyway).

4. I finally have a blog that is still active for almost a year. P.S.It’s Not this one. ūüėČ (sense the sarcasm) :))

There are so much more, and I do not think I can write it all, but as the year passed, I always have a tradition as I join the countdown for the year.

I jump. I jump in hopes of growing taller. Even half an inch would do. At least that would make me officially five feet. I jump for the year that has passed, for the efforts I have done to get to where I am today. I jump for the hope the new year will bring me.

Other than jumping, I also make new year resolutions. But like almost every other person in the world, I do not accomplish these at all.  Every year, I write the same things which include to exercise more, to grow taller, to stop reading manga and watching anime. I would try it for the first two days of the year, then its back to my old habits. Now, I set more realistic goals which seek a more intrapersonal growth. (Physical growth, for me, is out of the question).

1. This year I would be more professional. The last school day of last year, I said yes to running for vice-chairperson of the college. I want to know the rules of the world even if it is still at the bottom of the business chain. Nonetheless, this year would help me grow as a professional. Still, my academics are still my top priority over anything else.

2. I would like to travel to another country. Hmmm… this would require a budget. I would like to go to Disneyland. It is almost my last year as a teenager, so I want to go there and have fun. If I wait for a few more years, I do not have any excuse to go there anymore XD

3. I want to teach kids over the summer break. Maybe cooking or art classes. A friend is offering me a job at their summer camp. I have always wanted to try being a camp counselor, and the pay is not too bad as well.

4. I also want to write more. Not just in my blog, but in my fanfiction account as well. I haven’t updated for almost two years, so I really¬†want¬†to increase my readership.

So far these are all I could think off. But that is the thing about a new year. ¬†We really can’t expect anything from it because everything is just beginning. We just have to go with its flow adding our own touches to what it brings.



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