Taking the First Step


Today was the forum, and sadly, I thought I was able to do an ‘ok’ job. I expected my presentation to be better, but because of the time limit, I had to rush, thus being unable to explain well. I was also unable to answer the question well.

One important question raised to me is regarding how I should prepare for the stress about to come with the position.

I answered,” I can only be prepared if I am able to plan.”

Vague and clearly no direction.

After the forum, I was still thinking of how I should have answered the question.

I found a better answer. “I do not think I should prepare anymore because I stand before you as a candidate because I know I can handle the stress. Maybe extra measures can be taken, otherwise I am prepared.”

Better answer indeed.

Sadly, no one would know of this answer anymore.

Another stupid answer to the question, “Why should we not vote for you?”

I answered, “If you want to work, then you shouldn’t vote for me because I have the tendency to do things on my own if I can.”

Tomorrow is the election, and I am very nervous. I have a tough opponent. Nonetheless, I would be happy with whatever the result may be because I have already learned a lot from this experience.


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