Just Like Before: Another offer is Made

I remember last year. It was about this time of year as well, where a friend asked me to run for the student council with him. In the end, we both ran for positions in our organization, and won.

This time, someone else invites me to join the student council yet again. Frankly, with all the problems our organization is having, I have considered running for the council. My friends and family told me go for the council position. Thinking about this offer , I may not have this opportunity again. I have already turned them down once.

Yet, I am still in a dilemma. I feel that no one is qualified to run for President in the organization next year. I want to run because I hated how things are going today. A lot of members have also told me that I am a sure win for the position, since they do not see anyone more qualified.

To add to my dilemma, I am considering applying for a scholarship abroad. Thus, holding any position may not be a very wise idea. Not to mention the fact that I am already the appointed head of our college’s registration assistants. (This is the most stress-free position I have handled so far).

Unlike last year, I have made a decision before the year ended. Now, I have not. With 11 days before the year ends, I hope to have made a decision I would not regret.

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