Monthly Archives: March 2015

Fueling the Passion


Below is an essay I wrote for a competition. When I wrote the answer, I had the question on my mind. After reading my answer, I realized that I wasn’t able to answer the question. I ended up making a different essay. I didn’t want it to go to waste, so here it is:

Ever since I could remember, I have always wanted to become a teacher. Not a lot of people were happy about my choice. Even my own parents looked down upon that day I submitted my college application forms. Until today, that shadow of disappointment continues to haunt me.

Whenever I meet new people, they would ask where I studied. Upon hearing that I entered into this prestigious university, they would be surprised, excited, and eager to learn more.  But when they find out my degree program, everyone can see the drastic shift in their emotions. Some of them would even joke that I had to start saving up right now for my future.

One might think that these criticisms would lead me to stop everything and study a different field. Instead, these events in my life actually motivate me to pursue the profession and make the most out of my chosen field. In doing so, everyone would be able to see how much anyone can achieve when there is passion.

I never thought of my classes, my responsibilities, my roles as a burden, and this is greatly manifested in how I worked and its output. Being able to accomplish so much is because I love what I do. The recognition that came with it was completely unexpected. It was only when I began listing these down that I realized that I have done so much, even though it never felt like that at all.

As I practice my vocation, my life serves as an inspiration to others– to pursue with passion. It is that passion that would wake them up every morning, forgetting the physical limitations of one’s body. It is that passion that would lead them to be recognized by others even if no one ever believed them.

Life in Death


Today, an acquaintance of mine passed away. I would emphasize acquaintance because we were never really friends. She was someone I met a few times in a year in church. Now, the question whether we could have been friends would be unanswered.

I was never a regular attendee in church, but whenever I did go, she was there to greet me. She would accompany me and make me feel welcome. She was so active in social media websites, which is why the news really came as a shock to me.

Her death was really unexpected. She was around 22-24 years old. She was raped and killed in her own house at night. Somehow the perpetrators got in her house.

Her death makes me reflect about the world and how truly unsafe it has become. I have always found safety in the home, but because of that incident, are we ever truly safe?

But more importantly, her short life makes me reflect on what is truly important in life. It is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, but once in a while, we need to stop. We need to talk to people, ask them if they are ok. We need to share our emotions to ease the pain and burden.

Finally, it is sad to see that it is only through death that people come to realize this. Her death reminded me of Jesus’ own death- of how unjust it was. But it is Jesus’ death that we are all able to gain a new life. I know that those who have met her would be able to grow closer to God because of how she lived her life- I know I have.

May you rest in peace for you are with Him. Justice will come in time.