Think Happy Thoughts

Double feature tonight because I looked back, and apparently, there are too much self-loathing posts. So… I’ll post an excerpt of the essay I wrote in class which got me praises from the professor. I really didn;t expect it since I crammed the paper the night before. If she gives out a grade “super”, she wishes she could have wrote it. I just hope I didn’t set up the expectations too high.

In one bite, my senses were overwhelmed. I felt the crunch of a deep fried egg. The yolk flowed out, drenching the bread which held it. The balance of both mayonnaise and ketchup blended perfectly well with the saltiness of the oil sealing that sweet and salty flavor combination. The bread could use some improvement, but I couldn’t care less. All I felt was the steam coming out of the egg and my mouth.

from Cracking the Egg Sandwich by yours truly

Also here is the sentence I had to translate from Japanese to English. It was my first time getting an answer correctly, and everyone applauded 🙂

I will go to the library and return the books tomorrow.


Hope all goes well with my studies from now until the graduation.

Speaking of graduation, I may have found my new dream. Here are my choices:

  1. A summer camp teaching kids different forms of art. This has always been an idea I loved, I’m just not sure how I would be able to do that with no capital.
  2. Take up a master’s degree in guidance education, psychology or more specifically educational psychology. (Preferably in the National University of Singapore) I think the previous posts speak for itself, but still I need capital.

I have a few more months to think about these, and how I hope to attain them. With that, I hope you will continue to read my blog despite how personal it got. Hope to write more light articles soon!

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