My Affinity

I have always been an underdog, and as a teacher, I have always had a soft-spot for class underdogs. In my mind, I do not lower my expectations. However, I find myself giving them the extra push and help. 

Today, as I did this for a student, he replies that he is capable of doing such a task on his own. It was then that I realized that my bias must have been evident.

As someone who had half her degree in special education, I need to begin to step out of that mindset. I need to start telling myself that my students can, and they can do it on their own- well, most of the time. 

Indeed, everyday is a learning experience for a teacher. I knew my first year of teaching will help me know myself more, and this solidified my passion in helping those that struggle. 

Whether that be in a regular setting or a special education setting is still an unanswered puzzle. 

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