I teach three different classes, with varying number of students. One class has 20; the other 35 and the last class has 39.

So you can only imagine the difficulty in performing classroom activities. Activities in all classes always vary because of the space available and the level of noise the students produce. 

In the class of 20, we always have time and space to perform activities well. However, for the class of 39, I would always spend more time settling the class down.

Thus, the question of standard arises. Am I able to set the same standard for all three classes? Am I being fair to all classes? Am I able to extract the same level of discourse?

Thinking about it, I might not be doing so. The expectations are different because the abilities and interest all vary. 

I believe it is important to establish individualization in terms of approach. However, I should learn to exercise standardization in all my classes in terms of the discourse and the lesson itself. 

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