That Guilty Feeling

When I was a student, I didn’t like getting low grades. No student wants to get low grades.

In my class, I asked the students to prepare a report. It will be graded as a quiz. Sadly, one group did not take the report seriously. They did not listen to my comments. When it came to giving them scores, they did not do well at all. Let’s just say, the entire group failed.

It bothers me that they failed because it is a reflection of my performance as a teacher. Did I do a good job teaching them? Did I remind them to perform? I was constantly looking at the rubric, looking at each point, and where I can add a point to make them pass.

Then, I look at the other groups. They did well. They performed to my expectations. They took the reporting activity seriously, and that is what matters most. Apart from comparing them to other groups, their performance was inadequate in content, sloppy in delivery and lacking in resources. To give them a low score is heavily justifiable- which is what I constantly say to myself.

But, the guilt is still there. Having known the feeling of getting a low grade, makes giving a failing mark even harder. I just hope and pray that this experience will make them grow and realize to take things seriously.

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