A few days ago, I was having lunch with my co-teachers. We were reminiscing the old days, and started mentioning some of my old classmates.  After lunch, the principal, who overheard our conversation reminded us not to talk about students publicly- even if it was good.  I felt guilty that day. Today, my younger brother … Continue reading Secrets


I teach three different classes, with varying number of students. One class has 20; the other 35 and the last class has 39. So you can only imagine the difficulty in performing classroom activities. Activities in all classes always vary because of the space available and the level of noise the students produce.  In the … Continue reading Standards


Sometimes you wonder whether what you do is enough, and that is normal. But when you begin to doubt every single thing you do, then something must be wrong. You've accomplished a lot in your life. You've excelled far more than others, yet why do you sell yourself short? Whatever made you think that way? … Continue reading Mirror