What Happened

I was running 2 hours late- literally running. It was my high school friend's birthday dinner, and I haven't seen him or my friends for almost half a year. Still, I chose to be late. Upon reaching the place, I saw that everyone had already finished eating. I went up to the celebrant and greeted … Continue reading What Happened

About Me Series: Jealousy

Jealousy is a sin- a sin I am deeply entangled with. My brother who isn't even a year older than me is so much smarter than me. He has entered competitions, a prestigious high school as well as a university. He is currently studying to be a doctor. He always gets what he wants. I … Continue reading About Me Series: Jealousy


After such melodramatic posts, today i feel loved. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month, and now, I have a new and better positive outlook. Why? Well.... I told a very special friend from my high school days about the feeling I was having. About changing, trust, friendship etc. He is one of the few people I still communicate with. … Continue reading Loved