11:57 pm At 11:57 pm, 20 years ago, I was born. At 11: 57 pm, today, I died, well almost. At 11:57 pm, 20 years ago, I was crying. At 11:57 pm, today, I cried. It does sound dramatic, doesn't it? Well, I am indeed still alive, but I don't know if I would be … Continue reading 11:57pm

Disappointments and Self-loathing

Today was the graduation ceremony of our College. As the appointed head of the ushering committee, I had to make it right. After all, it was the last words the previous head told me. I had prepared for this day for more than two weeks. Sadly, all the preparation can only do so much. We … Continue reading Disappointments and Self-loathing

Children, How Times Have Changed

To the Children of the World. How Times have Changed. Before. Children play outside. Running and laughing in the streets. Now. Children play inside. Befriending and staring at the screens. Before. Children go to school. Learning and earning a degree. Now. Children go to work. Earning and making ends meet. Before. Children listen to their … Continue reading Children, How Times Have Changed