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Behind One Vote


I can’t believe it has been four moths since I was at that all important cross-road of my life. I spent the entire holidays thinking whether to run as our organization’s president or as a member of the student council. I chose the latter.

Taking part in the campaign, despite my earlier perceptions, was no easy task. It was definitely a whole new playing field, with its own set of rules. Good thing, the people I campaigned with were so open-minded and caring. I kept having problems and conflicts with other responsibilities, but they always comforted, welcomed and accommodated me. I couldn’t have asked for better slatemates, rather friends.

I don’t think I could have survived one whole month of stress and sleepless nights without them. A month before the actual campaign period, we started preparing. We had to read up on national and university- wide issues. We crammed so much information- which I don’t think we were able to use all of them. But learning all those, made me become a more socially aware student and member of society.

We tried to do things on our own. We created everything from scratch, being a newly established independent party. But, a few days before the actually start of the campaign, nerves got to us.

Because of that, we got help from more “credible” people. Instead of training among ourselves, one of the members invited guests to speak to us about the elections and how we should package ourselves. Having those talks served as a wake-up call. We needed to learn so much more.

I honestly thought of campaigning just like a normal person, wearing my shorts and my shirt. I learned, that it could work both ways. Voters may deem me as too lax verging on disrespectful, or they could see me as someone closer to the ordinary joe. I didn’t want to take that risk, as my slatemates. So we chose to get matching outfits. XD

Finally, those sleepless nights were put into action. The campaign period was both exciting and tiring. We had to be in school by 7 am in our best smiles. In between our classes, we walked around shaking hands with people we have never even met. We left the school at 8 pm, only to go to a place to learn more and cram even more information to our already tired minds. Despite all of that, we had to smile. Even if we wanted to cry, we had to smile.

During those two weeks, I learned something so much more important. I got to see who my true friends are. I saw the people who were willing to support me in my endeavor. My high school friends, who didn’t really go to the same University as me, helped me campaign!My college friends couldn’t even support me wholeheartedly. Those I didn’t consider friends helped me so much more. I really needed them. I could’t care less about the vote (though that was really important), but what mattered more to me was their emotional support. I really learned to be strong because during this time, true colors will shine.

We all went through so much pain just to get one vote. One vote defines win or lose. (Well, in our official results, two votes defined one candidate’s loss). Nonetheless, I thought of the whole process as a test, and winning the elections simply meant you pass. Beyond that test, however, is a much more challenging responsibility. If we didn’t survive those tough and stressful days, then it is more likely we would be able to survive the what lies beyond the great wall.


P.S. What actually transpired was so much more than what I have written. I believe I have learnt so much more about myself and about life in general though this experience. Sadly, I do not think I can narrate each one without going into the specifics, and that would just be too dragging. Though if you are interested in reading more about the elections and what I have experienced, do leave a comment, so that I could share more 🙂

Confusing Ending


This is the finale of my  3-day election series.

The results are out. I won, yet why do I feel like I have lost?

Of course I know the answer… Simply because my opponent lost. Actually, he ran for two positions. I already knew way before that I had a much higher chance of winning  because I was trained properly for the job. Nonetheless, I know he was so much better than his opponent for the other position. Yet people just didn’t see it…

He has a problem of saying what he wants without being mindful of other’s feelings. He does things that makes people get mad at him. he once destroyed a lantern the entire organization worked hard for. I guess that is why people are mad at him (and are still mad at him) Other than that, he is the best worker and leader ever. I mean, he NEVER crams. Something you should never do especially when doing production work.

I believed in him so much, and I wanted others to believe that as well, yet they are not able to get passed their personal biases to make the wise decision. They do not see the value in his work ethics, and instead, they see the friendliness of the person.

I am indeed confused. In these cases which is the wiser decision to take, someone who possess the better skill, but has issues with his members, or someone who has no issues with his members but has work  issues? Indeed, I am confused.




For the First Time


Last year, I was determined to join the student council of our college, but a couple of weeks ago, I declined their offer.

I remember those days when I wanted a position, yet I threw away one of the highest positions I could ever have. I threw away one of the biggest opportunities I wished for.

Nonetheless, I want to experience getting nominated for a position, so I ran for a position in our organization- a position as the executive for finance.

Upon hearing the news, a lot of the members questioned my decision. They think I fit a better position. It maybe lower, but they think it is a job only I could handle at the moment. I am extremely happy that, for once in my life, people believe in me, in my skills and ideas. Still, I chose a decision against all expectations. Even though I wanted the lower position in the first place, there are several reasons that made me choose otherwise:

1. My academics- having the higher position would take less time away from my academics. The higher position is a one-man team, unlike the lower one. I would be able to work on my own pace.

2. My Working Style- a lot of people say that I am strict and a perfectionist. It may sound rude by I do not want anyone slowing me down. Also, I do not like or am uncomfortable when working in teams.

3. My Friend- my friend wants the lower position though I do not think she is capable YET to lead it.

The elections would happen in a couple of days. I do hope I get to explain my plans well in the forum (we call it a grilling) before the elections.