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What Happened


I was running 2 hours late- literally running. It was my high school friend’s birthday dinner, and I haven’t seen him or my friends for almost half a year. Still, I chose to be late.

Upon reaching the place, I saw that everyone had already finished eating. I went up to the celebrant and greeted him with a ‘happy birthday’ and a hundred apologies, which he just dismissed with a ‘thank you for coming’. When I gave him my gift, I looked for a seat, but all was taken. I sighed.

A space was suddenly made for me, right beside HIM. He was, how should I say it, my first unrequited love. We were the best of friends in grade school. In high school, we confessed to each other, yet nothing happened. We simply drifted apart, but still, I sat down beside him.

I mingled with my other friends, never even beginning a conversation with the guys seated next to me. I had a wonderful time, when I suddenly felt a hand grasp mine. Fingers began to interlock with mine, yet I did not respond to this act. I looked at he who sat next to me, but he was happily chatting with other people. I did not know what to do. My heart was beating rapidly, yet I just continued talking, looking away from him but with his hand holding my hand.

After dinner, someone suggested to walk around the mall, and everyone agreed. I still could not comprehend what had happened in the restaurant, but he seemed to not be affected by it at all. So i simply brushed it off.

While walking, I did not notice that he stood right beside me. Several times, I felt his hands brush mine. Every time that happened, my heart skipped a beat. I could no longer take it, so I took his hand in mine. I looked at his face, and it was still apathetic.

Then, I decided to release my hand, when he stops me. He interlaced his fingers with mine once again. Only, this time around, I held his hand back. No words were exchanged, just the touch of hands.

And so, this is what happened last night… When I was sleeping.

Yes, it happened only in my dreams.

How I Ended My 17 Year Old Life


Today. Not exactly this time, but 18 years ago, I was born. Every year on my birthday, I would recount whether I had a fruitful year or not. And every year, regret is all I could remember. This year, on the other hand, I think I was able to maximize my 17 year old life. Its not that I do not have regrets, of course I do, but I think the happy memories I made impacted me so much more. So here is the run down of what I have achieved in my 17th year:

1. I became a member of an organization and endured a painstaking application process.
2. I had my first summer class in my life (not due to failing grades, but just because i wnated to.)
3. I had my highest general weighted average, so far.
4. I went to China for a convention.
5. I went to Bicol, rode ATVs, climbed a volcano and a mountain.
6. Etc. I could not remember all of them….

and for the past three days, I have been partying…
1. Friday night: our organization’s dance competition. It is our organization’s biggest event. I got home at around 11 pm.

2. Saturday Night: I went to our organization’s semi-formal party, and got to meet a lot of alumni members. We had fun, games, danced. I was not able to join them in going to the after-party since I was still a minor at those times. I got home at around 11 pm too.

3. Sunday Night: I treated my high school friends to dinner. It was much like a small reunion. It was really fun. I do hope they had fun too. I got home at around 11 again.

I do not think there is a need to mention my regrets. because I think I would just be sad as I remember those events. I do not want to spoil my own birthday!

Finally 18 and legal!

Day of Epic Proportions (Finale)


Today was the last day of the college entrance review program our organization organized, and it was the MOST fun ever.

The first part of the day was a post-test. We administered a test among the students to gauge how much they have learned and how well prepared they could be for the college entrance tests. The test papers were not printed on time, thus the students all had a lot of free time every after each subtest. So, I had to entertain them.

One student asked what is love? Of course, I told them I do not know.  They really got excited when the topic was about love.. >_< Kids, these days….

After checking some papers, I had to check their essays. Some were good, average, but some were quite poor. One paper stood out, and it compared education to a video game. I mean it is a very unique answer to write for a college entrance test.

After the test was done, and the checking as well, we asked the students to create a team cheer. Everyone was so excited, but a group of students did not want to join the festivities. I, along with a friend, accompanied them for a while, trying to make them join in. In the, end, they stood their ground. It was still fun getting to know that group of students.

After that, the CEO came to the room and was quite serious. She told us to get the students to fall in line immediately because they were            the last ones who were not in line. I was scared, and the students noticed that as well.

During the closing program, the students chanted the lecturer they wished to show the talent. Often, it was the CEO (the one who was favored by all). I thought nobody remembered me, but there were a number of time when they chanted my name, but would soon be forgotten. Even though my name soon faded, I am still very happy that I was remembered. Even for a short while.

After taking too much pictures, we all went home amidst the heavy rain.

It was another epic day, too bad it had to end. The chapter opened a few weeks ago, and now it is closed, but I’m sure another one will open soon. (Not know though, I’m tired and busy with school work -still a student remember?)

The whole teaching experience was enlightening. I got to meet a lot of different people, and I got to meet a different side of me as well. I loved every moment of the experience, good and bad. The passion to teach is once again ignited.

P.S. I almost cried today. Key word: Almost.

What Happens in a Reunion?


I like reunions, no matter what kind it is ( though I have only been to two kinds, high school and family). But sadly, my image of high school reunion shattered when my professor shared his opinion regarding the matter.

A few days before, during a lecture, somebody brought up the topic of high school. My professor then said he is not at all excited in seeing his high school friends because all they do is “talk about the good old day” and “talk about the crap they are doing with their lives“.

Today, I went out with some of my high school friends and realized my professor was right. We talked for hours about our elementary years (yes, not even high school), debating upon whether who were classmates and who weren’t. We talked about college and all the failures and hardships we have faced upon getting there. Despite the pointless topics raised in the conversation, it was fun.

The point of a reunion is to catch up with each others lives, reconnect old relationships and improve old ones. Even if the days we and our old friends spend together are gone, new memories are added because of a single day/ a few hours. We laugh at our old mistakes- the ones we never had the guts to face head on.  Yes, we laugh until the late hours of the night.

I like reunions, even if all we do is remember. 

History Lesson 1 First Love?


To understand my current predicament, I would like to give you, dear readers, a short history of my life. My relationship life that is.

It all began in my 6th year in elementary school. Oh, what joyous and carefree days! I had a group, of what I thought, was a close group of friends, and in that I group I met my first love.

Well, during that time, I didn’t know I would fall in love. Heck, I was so young, how could I have known it was love.

Anyway, he was my closest friend. Every time the dismissal bell rings, I knew where to find him, in the library. We would spend times there reading, talking, waiting for our fetchers to come. Sometimes, when he wasn’t there, he was with our other friends. Point is, I knew where he was (almost all the time), not to mention the hour long phone calls we have chatting about anything under the sun.

He is smart. Very Smart. So, there goes my confidence level.

Let’s go to the most important part. I was in my freshman year of high school, when I labeled my feelings as a crush, and because of that knowledge,  things started to fall apart. He was my best friend, so whether to confess or not is really a difficult question to answer. I don’t want to sound cliche, but the words like “I don’t want to mess up our friendship” and “What would happen if it doesn’t work?” really do pop up in my head.

My friends who knew my feelings told me to go ahead and confess because they think he likes me too. The people who weren’t my friends, constantly teased us whenever we were together, hence, we started to ignore each other, thinking it can stop all the extra attention.

One day, my friends decided to play a popular game to help us both with our lack of confidence– Truth or Dare. I went first, and obviously, I chose truth.

“Who is your crush?” Friend A asks.

I told the name, not out loud, but whispered it until it reached him, my crush. After that, I didn’t bother seeing his reaction. With one swift motion, I left.

After the short game, I found out he liked me too. When we were in the 6th grade, that is. I was a few months too late.

Things weren’t the same after the game. We both drifted farther apart, and soon found new friends. The End.

Would I wish to be a few months earlier? Would I wish something more could have happened? Honestly, I don’t know.

But one things for sure, history repeats itself, but endings are not entirely the same.