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So today marks the first official day as the president of our organization. I don’t really know how to convey my emotions, without me ending up rambling on and on about things you don’t really care. Instead, I wrote these very short poems (they take the form of Haiku, but Haiku are much more complicated than this) to convey my emotions.

1. In one minute

Touched and thankful

Anxiousness consumes

Hope arrives

2. Pressure

Rice is in the pot

Pop! The button goes.

Do we have rice tonight?

3.  Time

Dawn again

Life ensues

Seize the day

4. Answer

Why look for a reason?

When the reason is right here.

The reason is you.

5. Life


It’s nice to meet you.


Children, How Times Have Changed


To the Children of the World. How Times have Changed.

Before. Children play outside. Running and laughing in the streets.
Now. Children play inside. Befriending and staring at the screens.

Before. Children go to school. Learning and earning a degree.
Now. Children go to work. Earning and making ends meet.

Before. Children listen to their parents. To know what is right and good.
Now. Children listen to their music. To drown and forget everything else.

Before. Children cry. Tears of joy and happiness.
Now. Children cry. Tears of sorrow and pain.

Before. Children lived to learn.
Now. Children live to survive.

The Things Never Meant to Be


Whenever I speak, I feel weak.
Whenever I express, my soul is in distress.
Whenever I lead, it all becomes a dream.
Whenever I try, I crash and fail to fly.

But I still want to speak.
I still want to express.
I still want to lead.
I still want to fly.

But just like the rock who is never meant to walk.
Just like the leaves who were never meant to believe.

I am never meant to speak.
I am never meant to express.
I am never meant to lead.
I am never meant to fly.

I am never meant to dream.
I am only meant to weep.

Longing for You


I long for the sensation of knowing you were waiting for me.
I long for the pleasure I get when I’m with you.
I long for the sweet caress of your skin against mine.
I long for the moment I wake up and see only your face.
Finally, today is the day I get to enjoy the time with you again.
Have you missed me? My dear sweet bed.

Will I Ever See you Smile at Me


Will I Ever See you Smile at Me

I am always waiting for that day,

The day when you will stop and look at me.

Everyday I try to please you.

Everyday I try to talk to you.

But all you do is look away.

You gaze into someone else’s eyes.

You follow every step she takes.

Look at me and not her.

But because I want you to look at me,

I’ll tell you a secret.

She does not like you that way.

Her eyes look somewhere farther away.

Alas, I know you already knew that.

You knew the moment you began your pursuit.

So why?

Why do you waste your time on her?

And why do I waste my time on you?

Whenever You Speak to Me


Whenever you speak to me

…you always tell me what to do.

…you inspect the work I give to you.

…you talk about how your days went.

…you say random facts about the world,

and I knew not of what you meant.

…you always say her name.

…you begin to tell your tale,

and I simply nod my face so pale.

…you ask me of who I like

and when you do, the conversation ends.

If this goes on, I would end up hating  disliking you.