Celebrations: Winter Warmth

Happy Holidays Everyone! I do hope you are enjoying your time with your love ones this time. Before the day ends, I stared a series entitled "Celebrations". The series is composed of short stories revolving a certain celebration around the world. Please do check it out! Here is a blurb for my first story: Winter … Continue reading Celebrations: Winter Warmth

Escaping Dreamland (preview)

Hi there! A few months ago, I had this idea for a plot of a story based on my dreams, but sadly, I did not get to continue it. Anyway here is a brief introduction of the plot: They say dreams are the window to one’s greatest fears, and forbidden wishes. But for Kyla, her … Continue reading Escaping Dreamland (preview)

Announcement: Wattpad Account

Announcement: Wattpad AccountHello dear readers! I have an announcement to make. I have, just recently, discovered the joys of Wattpad. My friend's story actually got published through this website, so I got excited, and started reading and writing. This is the only account where I use SpoonfulsofConfidence as my pen name, other than this wordpress account.  By … Continue reading Announcement: Wattpad Account