Chapter 2: The Day No One Could Find You

Liz, Peter, David and I were sitting under the Oak tree in the middle of the school grounds, discussing the project due the end of the week. We have been there for almost three hours.

“Liz, do you think it is even possible?” David asked.

“Of course! If not, why would I even suggest it?” She retorted.

We were all so tired, and tension was really in the air.

Peter sighed. “Maybe, we should just continue this tomorrow. Think up more ideas, and work on it again. We can’t work with everyone so heated up.”

Everyone nodded, and began cleaning up the mess we’ve made. When we were done, Liz’ and Peter’s bus driver was already waiting for them.

“Okay guys. See you tomorrow.” Liz said.

“Tomorrow. Same time and place. I just hope we don’t have to stay this long.” Peter added.

“I hope so too.” I said and waved good bye.

They ran towards the driver and got inside the bus.

David and I stayed under the Oak tree. We were both waiting for our fetchers.

The cool breeze blew on our faces. I loved the smell of the cold November air. I haven’t been alone with anyone in the group. Usually, I was the one to leave first, so I never really knew how to start a conversation.

“I can’t believe it has been three months since we first met.” He said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, I didn’t think I would have friends by this time.” I responded jokingly.

“I think this the first time we were actually left alone together.”

“Really? Why’d you suddenly thought of that?” Surprised to hear it from him.

“I guess, even though we have been together for quite some time, we never really get to talk. And when we are together, you only seem to talk to Charles.”

I laughed. “Really? I didn’t notice. Ok, what do you want to know?”

“Hm… Anything about you. Hobbies? Family? Other Friends?”

“Well, I like to read, cook and sometimes dance, but nobody knows about that.”

“Seriously? I would love to see that!” Bumping his shoulder against mine.

“I don’t really perform in front of an audience. If you haven’t guessed, I’m shy.”

“I think everyone knows you’re shy, but I will make you break out of that shell of yours, if it is the last thing I do.” He threatens, pointing his finger close to my nose.

We were both laughing about David’s missing shoe incident, when we saw Liz and Peter running towards us.

“You guys haven’t left yet?” David asked. Glancing at him, I thought I saw a hint of irritation on his face.

“Not yet. We’re looking for Charles.” Peter explained, catching his breath. “Apparently, he didn’t take the first bus ride home.”

“Can you guys help us look for that idiot? I really want to go home,” said Liz.

“Sure.” I said as I stood up and dusted my skirt.

“Fine.” David groaned. He must have been too tired to run around and look for Charles.

The school building had five floors, so we each covered one. I walked on the halls of the second floor, and saw the library. I had a feeling he was staying there. After all, he loved to read.

I went inside to find him sitting by alone, engrossed in Sherlock Holmes.

Smiling, I tapped his shoulder. He jumped from his seat, and turned around.

I laughed at his reaction, while he showed me an annoyed face. “That was priceless.” I said.

“What are you doing here? Is your meeting done?” He asked, standing up from the chair, and grabbing the book to the check-out counter.

“Ya, we’re done half an hour ago.”

“Really? Why didn’t you guys call me?”

“We didn’t think you’d still be here. And apparently, you looked like you didn’t want to be disturbed.”

“Whatever.” He said, while opening the door for me.

I smiled at the causal act. I never knew ‘gentlemen’ still existed.

“Were you looking for me?” He asked.

“Peter and Liz were. The last bus can’t leave without you.”

“Let them wait for me. I waited for more than three hours for you guys to finish.” He answered. “Let’s just take our time.”

We were slowly walking towards the gate. His black hair appeared brown against the light of the setting sun. The silence was more comforting than awkward, until I was suddenly pulled into one of the empty classrooms.

I was sitting on the floor, and Charles was on his knees, his torso pressed closely to mine. Looking up, I could see him peeking outside the door.

“What was that?” I asked slightly peeved. I tried pushing him off.

He looked down to meet my eyes and placed his finger just above my lips. I must have blushed, but it was a good thing he wasn’t looking at my face, but rather peeking outside the door.

“I just saw David running around like an idiot. It was too funny.” He whispered.

A few minutes have passed, we haven’t moved from the floor. He was still in front of me making sure I wouldn’t make any noise, when he finally stood up to take another look.

I felt the breeze caress my face as he opened the door. I realized I had seat a lot feeling the cool air against my skin.

“There you guys are!” David surprised both of us.

“You were too funny running around like a headless chicken.” Charles laughed, as he helped me up.  

“Where have you guys been? Peter and Liz already left.” David asked me, not even paying attention to the laughing boy beside me.

“What? The bus left without me?!” Charles panicked.

“So what are you going to do now genius?” He asked turning to him.

“You could ride with me, if you want?” I interjected.

“Seriously?” They both said, with completely different facial expressions.

“Sure. I’ll just ask my mom.”

“You know, my house is much nearer to yours than hers.”  David panicked as he told Charles. “Why don’t you ride with me?”

“Aww. I feel so loved. Both of you want to take me home. Alas, I only have one body.”

I saw my mom’s car pull up the school gates. “My mom’s here, so if you want to…”

“Thanks for the offer. Really, but I think I’ll ride with my man here.” He said as he slung his arm around David. “He’s going to be so lonely without anyone with him.”

“Ok. See you tomorrow.” I waved goodbye to him and he smiled.

“Bye David.” I said turning to David.

“Ya, bye.” He said pushing Charles away.

I ran towards the gate, and looked back to see the faces of the two boys having a rather intimate conversation.

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