Announcement: Wattpad Account

Announcement: Wattpad AccountHello dear readers! I have an announcement to make. I have, just recently, discovered the joys of Wattpad. My friend's story actually got published through this website, so I got excited, and started reading and writing. This is the only account where I use SpoonfulsofConfidence as my pen name, other than this wordpress account.  By … Continue reading Announcement: Wattpad Account

Company loves (My) Misery

I find establishing friendships with me is something so simple. Tell me a secret, and I tell you mine. After that one conversation, I am at your feet. I would never leave you nor find fault in you. Whenever we fight, I would find myself begging for your forgiveness. All you have to say is … Continue reading Company loves (My) Misery


I recently have been answering people's questions with either one of these phrases:a. It's complicated.b. There is a time for everything.I guess this is what college life has taught me for the past year. Life is complicated. If it's not complicated, then it isn't life.